The need to defeat

One more day in the toughest race of an athlete, these are the days that make when wanting to become happy. I mean, nobody likes to lose, but to give real value to the great victories to be missed. There is a widely said that is often used in important days, basically in the end, that is none other than the end to win must lose. In short, you have to lose to improve or better to get up falling.

Today is one of those many nights when I have trouble sleeping because you are running over each of the actions you could do better or if you had done differently maybe we would have won, well it’s hard not to, but is must be positive and get back to training as soon as possible to correct what they think you did not do well and get that little confidence that has been lost in defeat.

All this may seem strange to you, but are reflections thousands of athletes make the days lost, and they must solve quickly if they want to be great athletes or stay and regret not improve. My conclusion and my small contribution is immediately relax with other activities and try not to think about the game. It is assumed that other activity, momentarily forget what happened and then analyze failures and cold train with joy to gain confidence in the actions of training where it really is improved.

Anyway I much elongated, but always strive to win and once again miss out and that will serve to not happen again this time so hard.

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