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Today we talk about trust and really do not have enough confidence to be able to explain what I mean, really curious.

Well we all need confidence to perform any task, because if you think you‘ll do well, usually turn out better. If you have overconfidence, as you relax and your task is not done 100%.

What I mean by this, as in sport is essential, the word trust, but this trust, gives the group yourself and the most important piece, the coach.

A player must have the right amount of confidence to not believe without being the best, but know that if you fight and work will do fine. Therefore it is necessary for a player to have that feeling of confidence just the coach has to make the player feel useful to the team.

At this time the confidence that gives the trainer gives a rush of self-esteem and that causes an intensity and a better game. It is also very important, as we have said before, the group generates confidence in the player, and how this happens ?.

Well, your teammates you as someone who can stop performing any work, ie resolve any game action. Finally these yourself, it also sums that confidence, believing in yourself and you will be able to, but once you fail, logical otherwise.

All these factors add up to your confidence, and under this point is the need to make the best of things within our real choices in terms of our quality of play balance. Conclusion key factor in an athlete, plus individual confidence that adds to the collective confidence, much needed in a group when facing competition.

Finally all need confidence, although in some cases the awareness, experience slightly salve the lack of it, but I think that the balance value of the individual or collective trust is fundamental to the growth and personal success or a group. I hope you have understood, it is difficult sometimes to explain the thoughts.

Posted 15-01-2011

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