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I was born in 1972 on thejosejavierhombradosbn 7th of April. My life has been like any other child, I studied at the Colegio Sagrada Familia Madrid.

I started in basketball, but soon change because times were not good for my parents. At that time I already liked playing goalie, as there was no one I wanted to put me and this helped me learn fast. It started well and we are still writing stories.

I have been a person who has been dedicated to the sport at all times, playing for eight years until passing forty. In my senior career I’ve been through all the different categories of national teams, becoming 262 times by the Spanish. Highlight my participation in four Olympic Games, World Championships and European.

During my time as a player I’ve lived in six cities in Spain and last year in 3 different countries, playing in different teams. My career is extensive, a total of 22 years as a professional and now continue outside Spain, specifically in Germany (Wetzlar). On this website you will go knowing my more personal side and all my projects related to sport and other facets of my professional life.

Hobbies: Everything that has to do with electronics, computers, music, books.

Favorite music: I like everything, of any kind, depends on the moment.

Sports: Handball, Motor and my Atleti Languages: Spanish, English



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